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Amacoil Load Carrier Aids Drive Lifespan


ASTON, PA | Amacoil offers a linear bearing slide load carrier to enhance the load carrying efficiency of Uhing traverse drives and prevent them from slipping. Reportedly, the load carrier protects the rolling ring bearings from undue wear by assuring that weight and radial forces are not transmitted to the shaft-bearing interface.

Supported by end supports and guide rails, and riding on linear bearings, the load carrier accepts the full force of any payload attached to the Uhing traverse. Two yokes extend down from the load carrier. The traverse pushes against the yokes to move the load linearly. The yokes are not screwed or bolted to the traverse, so no forces are placed on the traverse other than the lateral resistance to movement of the load carrier. Company says this configuration maximizes the performance efficiency and lifespan of the Uhing traverse. Three styles of load carriers are available to accommodate varying payload styles and weights.

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