Aalborg Offers Two Flow Totalizers in One


ORANGEBURG, NY | The TIO Totalizer from Aalborg converts analog mass flow meters  and controllers into precision digital units via RS 232 or RS 485 interfaces (multi-drop capacity up to 64 devices). Product can be used as a monitor for company’s GFM and AFM flow meters or as a controller with GFCs and AFCs. It can also be used with any third-party devices with 0 5VDC/4 20mA inputs and outputs. No host PC presence is required for local or programmable set-point control.

The TIO's compact size is designed for wall, panel, field, or unit mount applications. It is easily mounted to a GFM or GFC by simply unscrewing the unit’s D-connector and attaching the TIO.

Company configures the TIO input and output signals to user’s specific application. Changes can be made easily via a user-friendly menu. Model is equipped with two programmable optically isolated digital outputs and a user-programmable optically isolated pulse output with preset active low time interval.

The two fully independent programmable Totalizers allow up to nine digit total readings. Both Totalizers are updated every 100 ms and can be set to activate different events. The main Totalizer's accumulated total is backed up every second with EEPROM memory.

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