Loparex Selects Sung An Machinery Co. Ltd. New High Performance Tandem Extrusion Machine

Loparex, a global leader in release liner solutions, announced the purchase of a new high-speed tandem extrusion coating machine from Sung An Machinery Co. Ltd (SAM) which will enhance Loparex’s capability to provide high quality release liner solutions to the market.

The new high-performance line from SAM is expected to be operational in early 2020 and could double Loparex’s manufacturing capacity in Europe for poly-coated release liners. The SAM machine will incorporate the latest printing, primer coating and extrusion technology advancements.

“Loparex is committed to the release liner market and the support of our customers’ growth plans,” said Jan Hilbrink, managing director of Loparex Europe. “The new capacity will give us additional capabilities to serve our customers with poly-coated release liners, designed to meet their market needs through an experienced team of sales, technical support and product development professionals. The decision to go with SAM for this high-speed machine is because of their high responsiveness, ability to deliver on tight timelines, commercial competitiveness, and eagerness to further improve their performance continuously.”

“SAM is proud to be part of Loparex’s growth, with multiple coating line projects since 2010 and now their latest extrusion coating system.” said DH Shin, chairman of Sung An Machinery Co. Ltd.  “SAM has been rapidly growing in the European market with our focus on high performance machine systems and strong technical support from our European office located in Casale Monferrato, Italy.”

For more information, visti www.loparex.com.

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