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Nordson KREYENBORG Offers Single Support Cart


MÜNSTER, GERMANY | Nordson KREYENBORG announces a concept that combines screen changer and gear pump on a single movable cart said to simplify deployment of these components in an extrusion line, take up less floor space than separately mounted machines, and provide easy access for replacement of filter media. 

The concept of a single support cart can be applied for equipment custom designed for other companies, including extrusion processors, compounders, and recyclers, replacing the standard configuration involving separate carts for screen changer and gear pump.

The single cart is mounted on fixed casters that permit transverse-direction movement into and out of the extrusion line, while precisely aligned movement in the extrusion direction is provided by rails installed on the floor. At the same time, linear guides on the cart permit independent extrusion-direction movement of the gear pump and screen changer. To save space and facilitate access for changing screens, company says it has, in effect, turned the gear pump onto its side so that its drive can be mounted below the pump.

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