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Aalborg Instruments Announces Start-Stop Pump


ORANGEBURG, NY | Aalborg Instruments reports TPV RP adjustable RPM with dispensing peristaltic pumps can be timer relay set to start dispensing liquids for a selected time period and to stop dispensing for another selected time period. Seven time intervals are possible. 

Easily accessible controls enable priming, dynamic braking, RPM setting, and flow direction reversing. Company says the adjustable pump handle makes carrying easy, serves as a base to lift and angle the pump face, ensures that the controls are easily user-accessible, and enables the pump to be hung.

Designed to pump liquids of low to high viscosity from source to destination, models can accommodate user-set speeds of 0–300 RPM. The flow range is 0–5000 ml/min (1/2 in. ID tubing).

Models, which are said to be economical and to have a compact design, feature three stainless steel rollers and stainless steel shafts, fixed occlusion wall, an adjustable tubing sub-assembly, and what is said to be a maintenance-free 24 VDC brushless motor.

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