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The Scientific Sample Sizer lab-scale take-off module for company's measuring extruder systems enables customers to generate specimens quickly and automatically in different shapes and sizes for chemical, mechanical, or optical testing. Plug-and-play module has an exchangeable vacuum calibration device with water cooling and adjustable take-off speed. Parameters such as feeding rate and extruder speed reportedly can be managed easily with company's measuring and analyzing software without stopping the experiment. Sizer allows easy access and quick material change.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | +49 0 721 40 94 169 | www.thermo.com

UV Curing for Wider Widths

The IsoCure UV curing system for web offset applications is designed for medium- and wide-format printing and coating applications in arc lengths to 78.75 in. Versatile, fully water-cooled system can be fitted to existing machines or OEM-specified on CI, in-line, and sheet-fed presses, as well as laminators and bridge units over conveyors. A compact, reduced cross-section footprint facilitates installation.

GEW | +44 0 1737 824 500 | www.gewuv.com

Coat, Cure Wide Variety of Substrates

The Kompac Kwik Finish 26 off-line coating and curing system provides a quick and easy way to apply UV, Sapphire, aqueous, and specialty coatings to a variety of substrates for lasting durability, protection, and rub resistance. Features touchscreen control panel, pneumatic controls, auto lift table, and multi-speed conveyor.

Kompac Technologies | 908-534-8411 | www.kompactech.com

Coat with Less Labor

The MPUR Series hot melt slot coat applicators are designed for use with PU adhesives. Reportedly, sealed systems offer reduced maintenance and associated labor costs, and zero-cavity module design prevents premature adhesive cure and eliminates adhesive buildup. Standard coating thickness ranges from 0.30-1.5 mm with pattern widths to 720 mm.

Valco Melton | 513-874-5581 | www.valcomelton.com

Coat with Repeatable Results

The K Control Coater is said to have a flexible design and multi-functional nature. The unit conforms to ASTM 823-53 and BS 3900 and can be provided with coated areas ranging from 170 × 250 to 841 × 1189 mm. Multiple coatings can be undertaken in one operation for comparison purposes, while controlled speed and pressure ensures repeatable results. Vacuum, magnetic, heated, and glass coating beds are available to meet different application requirements.

RK Print Coat Instrument | +44 0 1763 852187 | www.rkprint.com

Coat for Conductivity

Company reports a method to coat transparent conductive coatings as a cap layer over a dielectric stack. This allows a single element or material to perform the dual functions of light filtering and EMI shielding. Coatings are designed for maximum conductivity and can be applied to flat sheet stock or precision optics.

Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI) | 707-573-6785 | www.depsci.com

Create Many Effects

The Cast and Cure decorative coating process integrates the two processes to form a high quality surface that can include ultra-high gloss, matte, and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates. Effect can be created in both sheet- and web-fed flexo and gravure environments. Can be incorporated with anti-counterfeiting features and is said to be environmentally friendly if used with UV inks and coatings. Can make packages more recyclable by eliminating laminated metallized films used in traditional holographic processes.

Breit Technologies | 913-492-8081 | www.breit-tech.com

Polymer Removes Easily

Covinax 210 ultra-removable acrylic polymer-based formula is said to offer optical clarity. It can be used on any application that requires a transparent adhesive. Reportedly provides the advantages of a water-based formula, including high coating speed. Product is FDA-compliant for use with most food and drug packaging.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers | 800-487-4583 | www.franklinadhesives.com

Release Coating Adds Gloss

Aqualene 3212 repulpable aqueous coating is designed as a superior release coating for a wide range of paper packaging applications. Said to deliver a smooth, glossy, and durable surface on paper and board, with flexibility for scoring folds. Also said to provide excellent resistance to grease, oil, and water. Can be employed as an alternative to LDPE.

Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com

Coatings Resist Abrasion

Nomar Series of abrasion-resistant coatings meet market requirements for non-scuff performance for corrugated shipping containers, reportedly allowing for scratch-free goods that are ready for sale upon arrival. Coatings are environmentally friendly due to their water-based composition, FDA approved, can withstand the heat of corrugation, will not transfer onto the packaged items, and are gluable with most water-based and hot-melt adhesives.

Michelman | 513-794-4225 | www.michelman.com

Security Features Offered

Security inks and coatings allow brand owners to protect their brands with a security fingerprint. Security features include thermochromatic ink, black light reactive, IR reactive coating, and coin reactive ink.

Water Ink Technologies | 800-426-4657 | www.waterinktech.com

Cure Rapidly

Dual-Cure 9481 conformal coating meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830B. It is solvent-free and specially formulated for rapid cure when exposed to UV and/or visible light. Ambient moisture will cure areas shaded from light over time. Material has low surface energy to ensure wetting on circuitry, processing materials, and components.

Dymax Corp. | 860-482-1010 | www.dymax.com

Get Fast Solutions

Company combines a range of paper, film, and specialty facestocks with water-based adhesive systems to create solutions for converters. Also provides release liner systems tailored to specific projects. A nationwide distribution network is said to ensure fast product delivery.

Acucote | 800-228-2683 | www.acucote.com

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