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Color-Logic Collaborates with CGS for Package Prototypes


WEST CHESTER, OH | Color-Logic reports a collaboration with CGS Publishing Technologies that is said to enable brand managers and their graphic designers to prototype package designs quickly and easily using the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System.

Designers prepare their metallic designs using the Color-Logic Design Suite. The next step involves laminating CGS’s ORIS Media Transfer Film—described as a nearly invisible, open-pore synthetic mesh only a few microns thick which can be transferred thermally at low temperature to any original media—and then onto the final desired substrate. The media can then be imaged on a wide-format printer to yield package prototypes for evaluation or market testing. The transfer film, which features a removable backing paper, also can be printed directly and then transferred to appropriate media.

Color-Logic chief technology officer Richard Ainge says, "Package prototyping with metallics is quick and easy using the system developed by [the collaboration]. The technique is particularly suitable for thin flexible films, aluminum, or corrugated board. Color-Logic has carefully evaluated the process and heartily endorses it for use by package designers and printers."

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