Deluxe Packages Adding New Nordmeccanica Coater-Laminator

YUBA CITY, CA, and PIACENZA, ITALY | Deluxe Packages, a leader in printing, laminating, and converting of flexible packaging, and Nordmeccanica Spa, the Italian coating and laminating machinery manufacturer, jointly released news that the two companies reached agreement on the supply of an innovative coater-laminator, the Nordmeccanica Duplex Combi Horizontal Two.

The machine selected by Deluxe is top of the line in the conversion of substrates for flexible packaging applications. This machine is developed to water-base laminate two substrates and then apply an anti-fog dispersion in register to the pre-printed web in one pass.

The machine will feature a full optional package that will include automatic non-stop shaftless turrets and a powerful drying system developed for the higher conversion speeds achievable by a North American converter in water-based lamination.

The machine will be equipped with the latest release of the Nordmeccanica signature technology for in-register coating. The system works non-stop full speed during reel changeover and allows for more than 60% savings on scrap rate. The new machine will include the unsurpassed web handling technology that reportedly made Nordmeccanica the supplier of choice for quality converters globally.

Deluxe Packages services many fresh food, snack, frozen, and industrial markets. Deluxe Packages operates out a 100,000-sq-ft facility that is equipped with state of the art printing, platemaking, laminating, and perforation capabilities.

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