Polykar Installs EREMA Plastics Recycling System

IPSWICH, MA & SAINT-LAURENT, QC, CANADA | Quebec-based Polykar, Inc., a leading manufacturer of polyethylene film, bags and packaging, has installed an EREMA TVEplus plastics recycling system. The TVEplus is claimed the most advanced system in the TVE series and is the first installation in Canada.  

The TVEplus, originally launched in 2009 with  40 units sold in 20 countries, recycles heavily inked and additive-laden plastics packaging commonly found today.  Reportedly, in comparison to less advanced systems, tests of the TVEplus, with heavily printed packaging film, show an increase of approximately three times the efficiency at removing gases derived from ink, binding agents, other additives and incidental contaminating materials. EREMA sources claim that in less efficient systems, traces of these contaminants are more likely to survive, causing bubbles, blisters, and film tears which can cause finished products to be unusable.

According to Amir Karim, Polykar VP of Business Development, “The addition of the TVEplus allows us to significantly reduce waste and material expenses without compromising the quality of our products. With it we can effectively reclaim highly printed film and roll scrap and process it into superior quality repro pellets for use in our trash bag lines.”

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