Biosafe Receives Polymer Patent for Antimicrobial

PITTSBURGH, PA | The US Patent Office has issued a composition of matter patent to Biosafe, Inc., on the siloxane polymer that is the keystone of the company’s proprietary antimicrobial technology. The chemistry underlying the Biosafe antimicrobial causes it to molecularly bond to the treated surfaces of film, sheet, molded plastics, nonwovens, metals, wood, and other substances, enabling it to resist leaching or migration and providing long-lasting protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi. In addition, the antimicrobial punctures and ruptures the cell walls of target microbes rather than leaching into the cells. This action prevents the microorganisms from mutating and adapting to the antimicrobial treatment, becoming so-called “super-bugs” that have become a source of cross-infection in hospitals and clinics.

Commercial applications of Biosafe antimicrobial include apparel, medical devices, portable electronics, computer keyboards, building products, and sporting goods. The additive costs less to use than conventional silver-ion antimicrobials, which must be used at much higher concentration levels, according to the company.

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