3 Sigma Adds Coating Line


TROY, OH | 3 Sigma Corp., a supplier of specialty custom adhesive and topcoated materials for the pressure-sensitive label industry, has completed installation of a wide-format specialty coater, reportedly providing customers with a greater array of cost-effective, custom engineered PSAs and custom-coated products. The new coater, designed and built to 3 Sigma specifications, accommodates 80-in. (203-c) web materials and can apply multiple coatings and/or adhesives on both the front and back of the web. A laminating station permits producing p-s constructions with liner or multilayered product designs.

Mike Sotzing, 3 Sigma VP of operations, says: “This new specialty coater is our most versatile piece of equipment. With it, [we] can produce more complex applications and constructions for new specialty and niche markets, as well as those we now serve. We designed and built this machine to complement our existing capability and to further our growth in both the label stock industry and additional markets. The new coating line has increased our employment, and with more staff additions planned in the near future, 3 Sigma is helping the local Miami County [Ohio] economy continue its growth.”


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