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HOW TO: Episode 5 of the Nordmeccanica series

This episode will be featuring all of the latest synergies in Lamination, Coating and Vacuum metallization for flexible packaging. The industry race toward more sustainable solutions brings in daily innovations. Innovations that only cooperation through the value chain within industry leaders will eventually develop into market realities. Nordmeccanica and its partners are leading that race and are now ready to present to the industry new exciting results. As an evidence of consistency data will not be offered as simple charts and dry numbers only. Results will be shown live during actual production runs. Very little “bla bla” and a lot of action. No ZOOM like close up on faces, but wide angles on actual machine runs.  A unique format that Nordmeccanica pioneered last year with Episode 1 in June 2020. All previous episodes are now available in download streaming at www.nordmeccanicaevents.com . Credentials to access the website will also allow to attend the “Episode 5” November event.

During this episode we will showcase the latest in terms of barrier enhancement for flexible packaging and technical evolutions targeting sustainability. Real, actual solutions to reduce the mass of the packaging while allowing for improved protection of the packed goods.

Demonstration will be live at our Laboratories. A unique location in our industry allowing for Vacuum Metallization and substrate conversion by lamination and coating. All in one place.

Two main live demonstration runs during the event:

  • Conversion of packaging substrates by AlOx deposition. The demonstration will be completed by comparative data analysis of the combined effect of the vacuum deposition, lamination and the coating of barrier enhancing formulations. During the demonstration will be shown the quick time to production while setting up the metallizer from regular metallization to AlOx metallization.
  • High efficiency metallization of CPP demonstrating the features of the most recent releases of the Nordmeccanica Vacuum product range.

As usual for the Nordmeccanica Events format, the live machine runs will be completed with overviews on the processes, detailed machine presentation, technical sessions, third parties generated data support, market analysis and some entertainment too…

The location for this live event, Nordmeccanica R&D laboratories, is located on premises at the Nordmeccanica Corporate headquarters. A place to tests and R&D developments around all of the products and technologies part of our offer to the market. Super Combi 5000, the compact machine concept designed around the innovation of interchangeable coating heads allows to run laminations and coatings as needed while the Vacuum metallizer NordMet 12Plus takes care of the technologies connected to Vacuum deposition. R&D Laboratories are available to our customers year around for product development R&D projects and technology testing. Please contact our local representatives for more information and reservations.



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