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Honle UV America Offers UV/LED Solutions


MARLBORO, MA | Honle UV America offers several UV/LED curing solutions.

The JetCure unit for inkjet printing is a high-performance UV dryer said to permit excellent curing and enhanced print quality at high printing speeds. Features include light weight, high UV peak intensity, clam shell shutter, and low maintenance.

The compact LED PowerLine is water and air cooled and is reported to be an optimal solution for intermediate (pinning) and final curing for printing applications. Features include cooler operating temperatures, instant on/off operation, low energy use, small profile, and no ozone.

The newest Bluepoint LED unit for temperature-sensitive materials and cleanroom applications is fully programmable using PC, PLC, or manual process flow control. It can utilize up to four LED tips, each with fully adjustable power output, for ultimate process control of your process. Features include low maintenance costs; >10,000 hrs LED life, and intelligent power control.

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