Hazen Paper Wins AIMCAL Honors

HOLYOKE, MA | Hazen Paper Company won the “Product of the Year” award at the 2018 annual meeting from the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) for the holographic Kat Von D “Metal Crush” limited-edition powder highlighter carton. Hazen also received “Product Excellence” awards for a Marc Jacobs “Decadence” perfume box and a Burmester Porsche “Music to your Ears” brochure.

Hazen’s carton for Kat Von D features metallized film laminated to the coated side of 0.020 solid bleached sulfate (SBS), with sparkling holography that is said to capture consumer attention in the department store environment and to reflect the “Metal Crush” name.

The stock was created entirely on Hazen’s Holyoke, MA, manufacturing campus, enabling the company to exercise extreme quality control while streamlining the process. Hazen originated the Color Motion Stardust pattern in the its holographic lab, producing the hologram with its “Single-Write” high-speed, large-format laser system; grew the nickel shim in the galvanics department; and then embossed 48-ga polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film, coated on its wide-format film coater.

Next, the company vacuum-metallized the film, laminated it to board, and finished with registered sheeting. Hazen optimized the layout to fit perfectly with the printing and die-cutting processes used by Autajon Packaging Cultech (https://www.autajon.com/en/businesses/packaging/cultech) of South Plainfield, NJ, where the package was printed, stamped, and embossed for a multi-dimensional presentation that enhances the brand. Judges were impressed with the effect: “This carton has pizzazz,” said one. “It really jumps out,” agreed another, and they concluded, “It’s a beautiful use of holography and traditional printing.”

The large setup box for Marc Jacobs “Decadence” perfume was created with a gold-metallized polyester film embossed with a copyrighted linen pattern and laminated to paper. A flocked-fabric label contributed a visual, textural counterpoint that impressed the judges.

For Burmester’s 3D High-End Surround Sound System, the company created a substrate that appears to be solid aluminum: it’s actually a two-sided lamination of metallized film on 11-pt paperboard. Employing Hazen Ultracure and Hazen 3DReflector CARD technologies for UV printing optimization, the product lays flat and stays flat, for smooth offset printing and a rigid, water-resistant finish. The judges remarked on the two-sided lamination, “This is clearly unusual in terms of the combination of technologies used and in the potential for other applications such as paper-based gift cards.”

Hazen president John Hazen says, “We’re always pleased when our customers obtain recognition for extraordinary packages that take advantage of our capabilities. They challenge us to continue to develop new and better products, Together, we work to intrigue and delight consumers and improve revenues, while doing our part to operate conscientiously and sustainably.”

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