Coating Tech Institute for 2018 Announced

EAU CLAIRE, WI | Coating Tech Institute, a three-day intensive slot die training course offered by Coating Tech Slot Dies since 2014, has announced a new date for the course in 2018. Coating Tech Institute will be held March 13–15, 2018 at Chemsultants International ( in Mentor, OH.

The technical training course focuses on slot die coating technology and is designed for operators and engineers who are new to slot die coating or those who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skill quickly and efficiently.

The course includes a mix of classroom learning paired with hands-on opportunities in a laboratory and on a coating line. Participants can assemble and disassemble parts of a coating line, create coating defects, resolve coating defects, and operate various equipment utilized in the coating process. The course is led by Mark Miller of Coating Tech Slot Dies and author of the “Coating Matters” column in PFFC. Content is presented by a team of technical experts.

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