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Heat Technologies Updates Demo Facility

ATLANTA, GA | Heat Technologies Inc. (HTI) has updated its demo facility in Atlanta by installing a new conveyer and updating its patented heat and mass transfer module that can be utilized for curing, drying, heating, and cooling of various materials. The conveyer allows running samples at 2–150 mpm (6–500 fpm) controllable line speed. 

In addition to its Enterprise Process Analyzer, the test stand is also equipped with an updated industrial-scale dryer which has three acoustic slots. The operation of the dryer module can be custom designed and tested to meet specifics of a particular application.

Another addition is full assortment of Meyer rods, a coater, and a proprietary design of a heat exchanger allowing reduced temperature of the air by 70–80 deg. That makes possible not only coating the inks, adhesives, coatings, etc., from 2–400 gsm wet weight, but offers customers complete simulation of a drying/curing/heating/cooling process, with projected energy consumption via real-time energy meter, individual power consumptions per zone(s). If needed, drying system can control the process at various advanced acoustic intensity and temperature rates.

Among the new successful applications is curing of adhesive on nonwoven textiles, curing of 100% solids silicones, various heavy-coverage water-based and solvent-based adhesives and protective coatings, laminates, and more.

Company says Spectra HT Ultra technology has also successfully expanded into the food industry, including the cooling of food products and dehydration of fruits and meats.

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