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Ashland Adhesive Called Safe for Food Packaging

COVINGTON, KY | Ashland reports Purelam Safecure A320/B440 solventless laminating adhesive ensures that flexible packaging is at zero risk of amine migration.

This solvent-free aliphatic polyurethane adhesive is said to provide excellent safety performance for the vast majority of foods. Additionally, company says it offers fast cure, UV stability, and a potential lower overall packaging cost due to manufacturing efficiencies. And with zero amine migration, it mitigates the possibility of costly recalls from adhesive.

Reportedly offers a good balance of long pot life and rapid cure; bonds most clear-film combinations; provides excellent resistance to anti-sealing; excellent UV stability for use in lawn/garden bags and baby wipes; offers fast curing for a full adhesive bond in under two days at ambient temperature.

The “all-in-one” adhesive eliminates the need to change adhesives between all clear film applications and is said to have the ability to improve manufacturing efficiencies and decrease overall manufacturing costs. Also said to provide excellent machinability and easy cleanup.


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