Celplast Installs New Metallizer with Inline Top Coating

TORONTO, ON, CANADA | Celplast Metallized Products Ltd. is installing a new kind of metallizer with Metacoat inline top-coating that will produce protected high-barrier materials new to the flexible packaging and converting industry. Extensive testing of Metacoated metallized films from Celplast's pilot line have shown barrier values up to 10x greater than those of traditional metallized films, to be used in layer elimination, foil replacement, and other high barrier applications.

These new materials, of which DURAMET is the first, make it possible for converters to eliminate layers, streamline production, simplify their raw material stream, and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their products. The new 8-ft (2.45-m) metallizer, using patented Metacoat technology licensed from Metallized Surface Technology is the first in the world with inline flexo coating and E-beam curing.

“This is a truly revolutionary technology for the converting industry that has been eight years in the making,” said Dante Ferrari, president of Celplast Metallized Products. “We have been working with our partners to produce many unique top-coated films on our pilot line for all kinds of flexible packaging formats. In doing so, we have been able to prove out the technical benefits of this technology in a variety of applications. Celplast is excited to become the first company in the world to apply this technology on a large-scale commercial machine. It's the next big step in the evolution of barrier films, and I believe that we will see a lot of the industry adopting inline top-coating in the near future."


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