Freedonia Reports on Coatings Market

CLEVELAND, OH | Industry research analyst The Freedonia Group has released a study entitled Manufacturing (OEM) Coatings Market in the US, in which the company says the market for packaging coatings is expected to increase 1.9%/yr to 60 million gal through 2020.

Gains will represent a strong acceleration in growth compared with the 2010–2015 performance, in which demand was nearly flat. Demand for packaging coatings will match gains in packaging shipments through 2020, although coating requirements will be limited to some degree by the utilization of more efficient coatings and application technologies, says the report. However, coatings demand will benefit from healthy growth in paper packaging shipments and an acceleration in the output of metal packaging.

As a result of safety and environmental concerns, there has been a shift away from solvent-based coatings and those containing BPA in food-contact applications, the report says.

According to Freedonia analyst Matt Hurley, “Coatings will continue to be valued in the packaging industry for their ability to impart performance enhancing qualities such as barrier properties and anti-static capabilities.”

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