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AGL Announces Finishing Laminator

DEFOREST, WI | Advanced Greig Laminators (AGL) offers the 72 HSTB finishing laminator, configured for higher speed pre-mask film and pressure-sensitive overlaminating.

Typical uses are for higher-volume fleet graphics and roll-to-roll laminating applications. Some of the features include company’s heated nip roll design and a closed-loop automatic tension control system said to minimize operator interface requirements.

Company says standard features for the laminator include the following:

  • Removable unwind stations with safety chucks designed for heavier roll weights
  • Finished product rewind station with taper tension
  • High release silicone rollers for easy cleaning
  • Repeatable tension control system, reportedly avoiding film distortion and necking
  • Safety features that include 36-in. light curtains prior to the nip, as well as emergency stop switches at all four corners of the machine
  • Variable speed control 0–100 fpm
  • Linear footage counter/digital speed readout
  • Lower front unwind station equipped with an accessible manual sidelay adjustment for easy web alignment.

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