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AWA Reports on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Associates announces the second edition of the Global Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Market Study 2016. New market research explores the current profile of this high-volume industry and provides in-depth forecasts to 2020 for the prime market segments and manufacturing technologies as well as profiles of major players in the market today. 

The report says that Asia represents 42% of global PSA demand, not surprising considering the exceptional growth in technology and in the demographics of the Asian countries. AWA is forecasting continuing growth in the region at a CAGR of 8.4% to 2020. The small but increasingly vibrant market in Africa and the Middle East also offers real growth over the next few years, at 4.4%. The long-established North American and European markets will also grow, reports AWA, but at more modest rates, and recent economic volatility in South America has slowed previously dynamic growth prospects in that area.

The study shows that UV-curable hot melt adhesives are currently showing the greatest growth potential—but from a low base. Water-base— emulsion—PSAs command the highest market share today and are forecast to continue to enjoy a 6.7% CAGR to 2020, thanks to their high performance and low cost. The doyens of high performance, solvent-based PSAs, will continue to enjoy growth in appropriate applications, although there are significant safety issues involving the use of solvents, and costs are high, notes the study.

The end-use markets for PSAs reflect real-life technology innovations, according to the study. The medical market—for such uses as wound care, surgical incision films, and tapes, and for wearable devices for stoma care and electrode terminals—currently represents only 2% of current demand, but it is forecast to grow to 2020 at a very healthy 7.7%. Hygiene applications will also enjoy healthy growth in line with changing global demographics.

It is the tapes market, however, where PSAs today perform expert tasks in nearly every advanced industry—particularly in terms of mechanical fastener replacement—that the highest global demand is seen, currently 62% of the total, and the study predicts the market will continue to enjoy very healthy annual growth. The long-established markets for p-s label stocks and graphic films will also grow, says AWA, but at much lower percentages.

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