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Ashland Announces Two New PSAs

DUBLIN, OH | Ashland reports two new pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) share the same acrylic emulsion base chemistry. Aroset APS 1295 is a coater-ready adhesive for permanent applications, while Aroset 2570 adhesive is designed for temporary ones.

Company says Aroset APS 1295 acrylate emulsion delivers high performance with a more environmentally compatible profile than the solvent-based adhesives typically used in permanent tape applications. It is said to provide good adhesion to variety of surfaces and high cohesion, and to be well suited for use in permanent labels and decals and in overlaminating films.

Aroset 2570 PSA reportedly allows tapes, films, and paper-based materials to be easily removed or repositioned, even after long-term aging. It is well suited for masking tapes, labels and graphics. It is also said to be excellent in resealable consumer and industrial packaging for wet and dry goods, including items such as baby wipes and moist towelettes. According to company, Aroset 2570 adhesive provides good peel adhesion to variety of surfaces and does not contribute to residue build

“Aroset 1295 PSA combines good adhesion and cohesion, resists water, and is able to form bond at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees centigrade,” says Zhaohui Sun, industry manager, pressure-sensitive adhesives, Ashland. “Aroset 2570 PSA features low peel build and long-term removability. These kinds of features make it easy for manufacturers to formulate for their specific need and achieve the performance they demand, in removable or resealable products.”

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