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Ampac Offers New Barrier Lamination

CINCINNATI, OH | Ampac, a division of ProAmpac, announces a new low-extractable barrier lamination, PRO FlexiPURE, said to enhance the existing family of barrier drug and medical device overwrap laminations for the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

he product line, which addresses the amount of trace contaminants found in film structures, has been independently tested and proven to reduce sealant side extractables by 60% over solvent based laminations, company says, adding this reduction of sealant side extractables (in water, alcohol, and hexane) by 60% produces a low extractable, clean lamination profile.

Reportedly, the benefit to the customer is a reduction in time and effort needed in completing packaging requirements of drug submissions. With a low extractable profile, there are fewer compounds to be identified, analyzed, and monitored. In addition, the aluminum foil barrier is said to provide excellent shelf life, a low moisture transmission rate, low oxygen transmission rate, and low light penetration.

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