Universal Converting Equipment Expands Coating Range

SUFFOLK, UK | Universal Converting Equipment is utilizing its high-speed web handling technology from the company’s X6 slitter to expand the capability of its coating equipment.

The latest machines incorporate closed loop unwind tension control, edge guiding for the two unwinds and the rewind, closed loop rewind tension control, gap winding capability, extensive recipe and diagnostic systems, and a remote diagnostic system using an internet based connection. 

The systems are said to ensure consistent product quality when running at high speed. The comprehensive recipe system allows the customer to return to the same setting time and time again once the optimum setting has been found.

Commenting on the new coating machines, Alan Jones, managing director Universal Converting Equipment, says, “We have focused on the coating technology to ensure that we can produce the exact product required by the customer. We have a range of noncontact and contact coating systems for continuous coating, stripe coating, and patch coating with options for breathable coatings. By incorporating our winding technology into the coating machines, we are able to offer increased quality and output. Precise control of tension is essential for the production of high quality finished rolls. The remote diagnostic system allows us to see the complete operation of the machine in real time so we can provide rapid assistance to customers.”

The hot melt coating systems are available in widths from 250–2,500 mm and speeds to 300 mpm.

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