BOBST System Offers Selective Metallization

LANCASHIRE, UK | BOBST offers the new SelectMet system, which incorporates company’s F&K heritage flexo printing technology into a BOBST vacuum metallizer. Said to be a simpler and more cost-effective alternative to the traditional de-metallization process without the complexity of special lacquers and chemical baths.

The process runs at speeds to 400 mpm on the company’s K4000 platform. This reportedly provides greater flexibility as one machine can be used for two processes, both standard aluminum metallization and selective metallization, without compromise. Available in widths of 1,250 and 1,650 mm.

The flexo printing unit is located inside of the vacuum chamber, and the printhead position can be moved accordingly, depending on which process is to be run.

This in-line vacuum metallizing process consists of a special printing oil that is applied at room temperature to the web in a very thin layer to produce the desired pattern. The low-volume anilox cells ensure minimum oil consumption (down to less than 0.5g/m2). The polished anilox roller combined with a high-precision doctor blade made out of carbon fiber allows a more efficient and accurate oil metering, company says.

Other key features are said to include a cleaner selective metallization process; quick and easy change of the printing sleeve; and faster, more accurate printing with metal onto film substrates, allowing for the production of creative, high-resolution patterns and greyscale images.

A wide range of added-value applications for specialist converters includes the following:

  • Innovative decorative packaging films
  • Stripe metallization
  • In-register selective metallization onto preprinted webs
  • Anti-counterfeiting applications

Also available is an optional ZnS source for production of decorative holographic films with enhanced brightness to reduce imitation and provide high brand recognition for security and protection applications.

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