ITW Dynatec Upgrades Bulk Adhesive Melter

HENDERSONVILLE, TN | ITW Dynatec reports the launch of the DM55 bulk adhesive melter, also known as the DynaDrum. Company says it is available with the Dynacontrol V6 control system, displaying continuous platen position monitoring leading to increased adhesive utilization.

The system reportedly provides uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive for high-volume production demands, and daily operations are simplified with standard features that include field-interchangeable platen faces, touchscreen PLC, self-diagnostics, multiple temperature control sensors, and low/empty drum indicators.

The Dynacontrol V6 enhances the available state-of-the art melter and provides seamless integration with many other PLCs. The system also illustrates an easy-to-navigate and intuitive HMI with illustrations screen by screen. Optional module also provides a variety of communication interfaces including: EtherNet/IP, Profibus, and EtherCat. Dynacontrol V6 system is said to provide a safe and effective way to control your melter and is error-proof to new and inexperienced user.

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