ACTEGA Kelstar Adds Blister Coating Technology

DELRAN, NJ | ACTEGA Kelstar announces the addition of BlisterKote to its specialty coatings portfolio. The water-based copolymer blister coating technology incorporates a polyurethane base combined with a percentage of acrylics said to promote excellent adhesion over the wide range of plastics currently used in the blister card marketplace.

“We are very proud to introduce this truly innovative blister coating to the market, allowing our company to serve current and future customers in all areas of their blister packaging needs,” says Grant Schutte, chief technology officer at ACTEGA. “BlisterKote will allow converters to use a wider variety of plastics and films along with demonstrating excellent performance on sustainable materials such as recycled paperboard and plastics.”

Product is said to offer the following benefits:

• Excellent adhesion

• Quick cleanup

• Excellent drying time

• Eco-friendliness (Low VOCs)

• Use with various plastics (e.g., PET, RPET, APET, PETG, GAG, and PVC)

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