Nissha Printing Acquires AR Metallizing


SCHAUMBURG, IL | Japanese multinational Nissha Printing has taken over AR Metallizing, producer of metallized paper for labels, from the British investment company HIG Capital.

Dr. Bart Devos, CEO of AR Metallizing, says, “Given its solid position in developing innovative printing technologies, Nissha is the ideal partner of AR Metallizing. This is a sterling opportunity for both companies to capitalize on each other’s specific technical and commercial knowledge. With this new shareholder, the stable and promising future of AR Metallizing is secured for the coming years.

Junya Suzuki, CEO of Nissha Printing, says, “I am excited to start working with colleagues from AR Metallizing, and I cannot wait to see the synergetic effect between Nissha and AR Metallizing. This is going to be the most powerful chemistry.”

The core market of AR Metallizing is labels, with a special focus on beer labels. The Group generates a turnover of €110 million euros, and supplies its products worldwide to customers from three production sites in Belgium, Italy, and the US.

Devos says, “Our products are recognized in the market for their aesthetic appearance, functionality, and printing friendliness. As sustainability becomes more and more important in our line of industry, the environmental impact of our products is also a very important feature”.

AR Metallizing, which has been recognized for its recyclable premium packaging, offers ecological and sustainable alternative paper on which a razor-thin layer of aluminum is steamed, said to be even thinner than the ink layer on a newspaper. This metallized paper is 99% biodegradable. Nissha Printing expects the AR Metallizing Group to grow further, thanks in part to the sustainability of their products.

According to Devos, “We have a good market position, great products, skilled and enthusiastic employees, a large customer base, and reliable suppliers. With Nissha Printing, AR Metallizing will be able to tap new markets and strengthen its position in its core market (labeling) further.”

AR Metallizing is valued at €136 million euros (enterprise value). Reportedly the takeover has no impact on employment for the company’s 284 employees. Bart Devos and other key executives will stay on.


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