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Dual Spiral Systems Offers Compact Die


MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA | Dual Spiral Systems (DSS) announces the Compact Coex die, a new modular extrusion die for blown film/tubing. In the compact series, the die has been reduced in height and weight by 50% compared to company’s traditional multilayer modular die system. 

Company says the compact die has the following advantages:

• Faster heat-up time due to lower die mass

• Lower residence time in the die due to shorter flow passages

• Faster purge and material changeover times as a result of lower residence time • 60% less energy consumption due to reduced heat requirement

• 50% lower die weight simplifies die handling & moving the die

• More streamlined melt port entries

• 50% lower die height allows for a lower blown film tower height and takes up less vertical space

• Provides greater flexibility in running different resins.

Reportedly, the compact die maintains layer splitting feature, providing the same film properties offered from company’s traditional die.

Reported benefits include:

• Improved thickness uniformity

• Flex crack resistance

• Reduces odor and oxygen transmission

• Strength (puncture resistance)

• Reduces surface stresses (less curl)

• Pinhole reduction

Die purchase includes extrusion process simulation software application named DSS Die Signature. The software is customized to a customer's specific die design geometry and can be used by the customer to simplify process set up, develop new product structures, and change process variables including output rates, resin types, and layer ratios to determine what effect they would have on their actual machinery without having to do the trial in real life.

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