Bobst Open House Covers Wide Range of Info


S. GIORGIO MONFERRATO, ITLAY | Bobst recently held a conference and open house in S. Giorgio Monferrato to showcase the latest trends in new barrier technologies and short run gravure printing. 

Speakers addressed the company’s research on AlOx clear coating; the latest developments in blown film and cast extrusion for high-barrier applications that reflect the trend for lower pack weights with increasing pack performance; solutions for better recycling; short-run gravure printing; and conductive layers, cylinder stability, and the feasibility of nickel to replace copper and chromium in engraved cylinders.

Bobst Italia’s Giovanni Caprioglio offered a gravure technology update, focusing on the Minimized Waste concept of the Rotomec MW 60|80 press. Dedicated to very short-run printing, the Rotomec MW 80 reportedly brings together all the essential requisites for profitable operation, including minimized waste of material, energy consumption, and space requirement.

Visitors to the plant saw a press completely operated from floor level, the 850-mm-wide Rotomec MW 80 printing a demo job on a 12-micron PET substrate coated with AlOx.

A demonstration on the Bobst CL 850D laminated a 7.0-micron aluminum substrate onto a 12-micron PET film. Company says the Rotomec system enables a lower coating weight of solvent-based adhesive to be applied directly to the aluminum foil, creating excellent bond strength. Reportedly, the machine produced a flawless, high-quality, duplex laminated structure at a speed of 430 mpm.

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