DUNMORE Expands Foil Converting Capabilities


BRISTOL, PA | DUNMORE Corporation announces the expansion of its foil coating and laminating processing to include a wider range of metal foils. The company has been coating and laminating aluminum foils for almost a decade, and recently has expanded its capability to handle copper, brass, and stainless foils.

In addition to expanding its capability into multiple foil types, the company now can coat and laminate most degrees of hardness from annealed to H19 temper in relative thicknesses from 0.36–8 mil. “The formal product development process pairs [our] technical team with our customers' counterparts to speed the time to market by clearly defining product requirements upfront and providing real time feedback to ensure all milestones are met,” says Tom Rimel, executive VP of operations and R&D. “Our scale-up process includes lab-to-pilot and pilot-to-production scale-ups, providing essential outputs and validation while minimizing the total cost of development.”

He says the added capabilities and formal development and scale-up processes make the company an ideal development partner for companies that have product requirements in hand, or an ideal contract manufacturer for customers that have a complete specification and design for their product but lack the process capability or the capacity to get it done in-house.

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