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Maxson Announces Pack Discharge Sheeter

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company offers a sheeter for the cut size and digital format markets that is said to continuously deliver reams from a single discharge point. Designed for the specialty papers and films industries, the MSS Sheeter can convert rolls of material into packs of 25–1,000 sheet count and offload multiple stacks to a packaging line. 

Capable of sheeting between 10–40 in. (254–1,016 mm) lengths and producing up to six piles across a 64-in. (1,650 mm) trim width, the sheeter has a compact footprint said to require only one operator. Outfitted with digital drive controls and what is said to be a user-friendly operator console, unit’s sheet length is infinitely variable throughout the cutoff range with accuracies within ±0.015 in. (±0.38 mm) of the desired setting.

In the stacking area, sheets are piled on a conveyor that mounts on a scissors lift load table. When the preset pack count is achieved, interposers extend out over the stacking area as the load table drops to the off load position. The extending grid collects the sheets in the jog boxes while the conveyor feeds the packs to a Customer supplied packaging line.

When all the reams are discharged, the table raises back into position, and the grid fingers retract until the next set of packs are to be off-loaded. Safety interlocked guards and light curtains protect the operator in the stacking area.

Described as attractive option for the preprinted market, the sheeter can be outfitted with cut-to-mark capability. A sensor mounted at the cutter infeed detects the registration mark and can either cut on the spot or a preset distance from that point.

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