PPC Offers Folding Carton Info at Boot Camp


SPRINGFIELD, MA | The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) reports another successful Folding Carton Boot Camp at its Springfield headquarters December 4–5. More than 20 students participated—and graduated from—the workshop, which is designed to educate those new to carton construction as well as non-plant personnel with limited experience outside a single plant operation.

Students are first introduced to how paper is made before moving into a study of the various grades of paperboard and the type of presses used to create cartons and why. Next, industry experts describe to students the complex prepress process, including an overview of CAD, color theory, and carton design. Attendees learn how various inks and coatings are applied to board, and then learn about cutting and finishing techniques.

“Our attendees seemed especially engaged, thanks to our dynamic instructors,” says PPC president Ben Markens. “It was evident that the class left with a great amount of knowledge they’ll be able to utilize in their non-technical roles at their own companies.”

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