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AICC Expands To Focus on Independent Producers of Folding Cartons & Rigid Boxes

ALEXANDRIA, VA | The Assn. of Independent Corrugated Converters adds new member categories as it focuses further on “independent” producers. The association will have further relevance to independent producers of folding cartons and  rigid boxes with the key factor being that new members are privately-held, independent companies. Equipment and consumable suppliers to this market segment are also being added.

“The strength of our organization has always been our focus on independent, entrepreneurial businesses. This sets them apart from their larger, integrated competitors,” stated AICC president Steve Young. “There is a commonality of purpose among Independents that generates their uniquely high level of energy and engagement. In this regard we have found very little difference between the needs and interests of converters of a broad range of products. We have found that the concerns of independent packaging manufacturers are extremely similar no matter which process or substrate.”

In explaining the broadening of the association’s focus, Young stated, “A number of our corrugated members have already been producing products for their customers in a diverse range of business areas. Over the years many have added folding carton, rigid box, foam, plastics, product pack-out and fulfillment, and even wood to the product mix they provide their customers. In that respect we have embraced serving the needs of these segments for quite some time, so this is just a formal recognition of that fact, a creation of a new division, if you will.”

In a press conference held this morning, it was noted that the organization is suggesting that prospective new AICC members maintain their established status in such organizations as the Paperboard Packaging Council and the Fibre Box Assn. However, the additional insight provided in an AICC membership can broaden a member’s entrepreneurial perspective, particularly because of their independent business status versus a big business “integrated” approach.

During a long range planning meeting this spring, current association members expressed their strong support in favor of including folding carton, rigid box, and their suppliers. Within the first few weeks AICC had attracted four new members  from the folding carton and rigid box business sectors along with supplier companies serving their needs. These included Wright Brothers Paper Box, Ray Products, Utah Paperbox, Michigan City Paperbox, plus supplier Emmeci USA. The addition of several additional members is anticipated going forward.

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