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Paper Report Issued

WASHINGTON, DC | A report by the American Forest & Paper Assn. (AF&PA) offers final data for the US paper and paperboard industry for 2009 and shows total production declined 10.6% from the prior year to 79.1 million tons.

“These results reflected the effects of the economic downturn on the paper and paperboard industry in the [US],” says AF&PA chief economist Dr. Stanley Lancey. “However, paper and paperboard production rebounded 8.6% versus a year ago during the first six months of 2010.”

The report, “2009 Statistical Summary of Paper, Paperboard and Wood Pulp,” shows US exports of paper and paperboard retreated 10.9% to 13.8 million tons in 2009. However, imports of these products fell further, down 20.5% from 2008 to 13.4 million tons, resulting in a positive balance of trade for this product segment. Lancey expects the trade balance to remain positive through the year.

For more information visit www.afandpa.org.

  • Metro Packaging & Imaging Inc., Wayne, NJ, joins the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), Springfield, MA, as a principal member. Kiwiplan Inc., Cincinnati, OH, joins PPC as an associate member. Ontario, Canada-based Baldwin Paper also joins as an associate member. PPC also reports president Ben Markens presented at the European Carton Makers Assn. (ECMA) Congress 2010 in Vienna, Austria, on the soon-to-be released US Trends 2010 Industry Outlook and Market Data Report.

  • FLXON, Charlotte, NC, forms a market development alliance with WINK Stanzwerkzeuge GmbH, Neuenhaus, Germany, a manufacturer of precision flexible dies.

  • American Forest & Paper Assn., Washington, DC, reports August boxboard production increased by 3.9% compared to August 2009 but dropped 0.8% from the previous month. Year-to-date production was up 4.2% over 2009. Total kraft paper shipments were 136.2 thousand tons, an increase of 7.5% compared to August 2009. Total year-to-date shipments rose 15.1% over last year. For the tenth straight month, containerboard production rose over the same month a year ago and posted the highest production amount since August 2008. Total production saw an increase of 195,400 tons or 7.0% compared to August 2009. Year-to-date 2010 producion has increased 9.4% over 2009.

  • Business Development Advisory, Marietta, GA, offers an in depth study of the packaging paper market. “North American Packaging Paper Study and Opportunity Assessment” is a 96-page report that contains 74 tables and charts plus analysis of a market that includes ten major application categories and more than 100 sub-segments. For more information visit www.bd-advisory.com.

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