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Educating the Buyer


A new brochure is designed to help packaging buyers understand how they can work with their corrugated suppliers to get the best box possible for their products. The brochure was developed by the Fibre Box Assn. (FBA) in cooperation with the Assn. of Independent Corrugated Converters, the Intl. Safe Transit Assn., and TAPPI. It includes two major sections: “What Your Box Maker Needs to Know” and “The Strong Box,” both of which help readers understand the performance measure of a package by covering common performance tests required for different shipping scenarios under common carrier classifications.

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Sharing Stories of Success


Gary C. Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, will share his experience as a successful corporate leader at PaperCon '08, the TAPPI-PIMA Joint Conference to be held May 4-7, in Dallas, TX. The event's theme is “Sustainability: Profits and Performance,” and Kelly will relate his business success to the paper industry, addressing the following topics: delivering sustained profits in an industry that suggests otherwise; looking for expansion and growth in a mature marketplace; developing supplier relationships with tough negotiating and long-term loyalty; and maintaining best-in-class customer service and employee satisfaction.

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One Supplier Rules


Display Pack, a packaging manufacturer of folding cartons and plastic packaging, selected Sandvik as sole supplier (through distributor Wagner Die Supply) of cutting rules for folding cartons and main supplier of cutting rules for blister pack, thermoformed packaging. Bruce Bolek, laser/knifing supervisor at Display Pack, says, “Our choice of Sandvik as our new steel rule manufacturer came after lengthy trials with several [other suppliers]. It came down to who could deliver consistency in edge/body hardness and edge quality…. We were impressed with the extent of Sandvik's R&D capability and their willingness to develop new products for particular applications.…”

Part of the range of cutting rules from Sandvik DieCutting Products.

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Take Heat from Corrugated

Cooler/dryer removes 100 deg of heat from a corrugated stack in 3-4 min without air conditioning equipment. Improves both product and process, company says, providing more even, vivid printing; removing moisture so corrugated does not deteriorate or freeze in winter months during shipping; providing more consistent curtain coat wax applications; and reducing warpage.

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Folder/Gluer Controls Are Simple

The Visionfold folder/gluer features advanced computer-assisted design programs and is equipped with simplified controls for all production operations. Called ideal for boxes produced from litho-laminated board, solid board, and corrugated board to A flute. Handles materials from 200-800 gsm and blanks from 55-1,700 wide.

Bobst Group North America | 888-226-8800 |

Clean Corrugated Surfaces

Sheet cleaners for corrugated flexo presses lift dust and particles from surface aggressively; reduce lost production time due to plate wash-up stops; improve color consistency; and reduce hickeys and print defects, especially in heavy solids areas. Cleaners are designed to fit most major flexo rotary die-cutters and folders from 60-148 in.

Doyle Systems | 800-445-3856 |

Recycled Paper Has Natural Look, Feel

Reprise cover paper is made from 100% recycled fiber, including 30% PCW. Said to have a distinctive natural look and feel, paper is offered in “hues from nature's palette” and features a toothy vellum finish with visible fibers, providing an organic esthetic.

FiberMark | 802-257-0365 |

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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