February Carton & Box Reporter

Colbert Gets “Green” Honor


Colbert Packaging Corp., a manufacturer of folding cartons, rigid paper boxes, and paperboard specialty products, has received the Illinois Sustainable Technology Award from Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich and the Waste Management and Research Center, a div. of the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources.

Colbert's BlisterGuard and EnviroGuard packaging solutions were recognized for their role in protecting the environment and boosting the economy. Colbert says the solutions replace the plastic clamshell and reduce or eliminate the use of petroleum-based plastics. BlisterGuard is made using 76% paperboard material and 24% thermoformed plastic. EnviroGuard is made entirely of paperboard containing recycled and post-consumer content fibers.

Survey Addresses Productivity & Waste


The Fibre Box Assn. (FBA) and TAPPI recently released the biennial Productivity and Waste Survey. The survey contains a summary report for converting equipment; detailed reports for converting equipment, basis weight, and starch consumption; total plant productivity; and equipment listings by plant. Thirty-eight companies with more than 340 plants in 12 countries participated in the survey, an increase of 58% over the 2005 edition. The survey is available for purchase at www.fibrebox.org in Excel spreadsheet format, as well as at www.tappi.org/corr. The cost is $100 for participants, $250 for FBA nonparticipating members, and $500 for nonparticipants.

Mounting Carrier Delivers High Print Quality

Corraflex compressible mounting carrier for corrugated post-print is said to display excellent compression/recovery properties. High-tech structure prevents board crush, fluting, and print skip even at high speeds, company says, adding it takes graphic print quality to new levels.

Edward Graphic Supplies | 905-791-8228 | www.egs.com

Hot Melt Solution Is Offered

AltaBlue TT adhesive melters reportedly deliver enhanced flexibility, reliability, durability, and performance to product assembly, packaging, and paperboard converting operations. Will process a wide range of materials in demanding applications with a high level of control, company adds. Melters feature variable-speed AC motors with spur gear pumps for easy-to-operate, low-maintenance hot melt adhesive application.

Nordson Corp. | 800-683-2314 | www.nordson.com

New Press Brings Speed


Board packaging specialist Shorewood Packaging recently welcomed a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 to its Indianapolis plant. The press, featuring Image Control, Instant Gate, and DryStar Advanced, replaces an older press that ran at speeds to 9,000 sph and required 3 hrs of makeready. Shorewood already has completed a number of live jobs on the new press running at 17,000 sph and is ramping up to its full speed of 18,000 sph. Ken Reddick, VP of litho technology at Shorewood, says, “Our makereadies are down to one hour, and there's no discernable vibration, even at 18,000 sheets per hour. In fact, the faster the press goes, the more relaxed we can be. The press does all the work. It's been a great experience.” Shorewood's corporate enterprise now boasts 23 Heidelberg presses, though the new Speedmaster XL 105 is the first for the Indianapolis plant, which specializes in cosmetics, sports, and pharmaceutical packaging.

Heidelberg USA | www.us.heidelberg.com

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