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$2 MM Folding Carton Expansion at Menasha Includes Sheeting

NEENAH, WI | A $2 million expansion at Menasha Packaging's  Folding Carton Group in Neenah includes the addition in August of 20,000 sq ft, a new 65-in. precision sheeter for installation in December, and an automated scrap removal system. The expansion reportedly will shift the sheeting process in-house to facilitate faster order response times and provide improved board quality.

"Menasha will now carry out the sheeting and production process internally, giving us greater control over quality and timing, and allowing us to more effectively serve our customers," says  Jim Snyder, general manager. "At the end of the day, that's what we are here to do."

With the expansion, Menasha can buy and store raw material, subsequently cutting six weeks of waiting for delivery of ordered materials, and carry out the sheeting process to exact size. Menasha sources claim the process will facilitate faster order times, improve productivity and provide pressman with flatter, fresher, squarer sheets. Because the new equipment sheets to size, the process is also expected to generate less waste.

A new automated waste removal system will be installed that includes a vacuum system to run throughout the plant that will automatically remove and bale scrap board for shipment to be recycled. Although Menasha says it currently recycles all waste board, the new process is expected to greatly improve efficiencies.

Menasha's Folding Carton Group specializes in producing high-impact, sustainable primary packaging solutions for private and national brand clients, using a wide caliper range of paperboard, specialty substrates and aesthetic embellishments.

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