Bobst Announces Line-up for Competence '10 Open House

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND— Set to be one of the most active machine shows in recent years, the Competence ’10 Open House will be held in September at the Bobst Group’s main manufacturing facility in Mex, outside of Lausanne, Switzerland. Competence ’10 takes place Wednesday, September 22, through Tuesday, September 28.

The open house event will feature approximately 30 machines serving the folding carton, commercial printing and corrugated industries. Six of the machines will be “world premier” introductions, shown publicly for the first time. The company says the latest innovations have been developed to ensure that converters can deliver the increasing quality the market demands, while at the same time improving in-plant performance. Adding to the comprehensive approach to quality, production and production issues, many industry partner companies will be present and exhibiting their products.

Operating machinery, producing folding carton products, will include: MASTERFOLD 110 A3 with Speedwave and Lockpack; MASTERFOLD 110 GNB+S New High Speed Beverage Carrier; MASTERFOLD 75 A1 with Batch Inverter, Easyfeeder GT and Cartonpack GT; EXPERTFOLD 110 A2 with dual left and right Accubraille modules and Handypack GT; VISIONFOLD 110 A2 with Handyfeeder; EXPERTFOLD with Accuwin in line Window Patcher; MASTERCUT 145 PER; MASTERCUT 106 PER; EXPERTCUT 106 PER; EXPERTCUT 106 PE; EXPERTFOIL 104 FR; SP 76-BM, presented for the first time with four independent advance shafts for even more flexibility; VISIONCUT 106 LE; VISIONFOIL 104 H; and NOVACUT 106 E with Hotplast.

The world premier of a top of the line hot foil-stamper that will be setting industry standards for precision, quality, productivity and ergonomics. Operating machinery, producing corrugated and litho-lam products, will include: VISIONFOLD 1.7 A2 with Accuwave; the world premier of a Mid-Range, 118-in. wide folder-gluer operating with LOGIPACK, a high-performance corrugated box packer and also a world premier; the world premier of an entirely new flexo press with an integrated quality control system which will set a new standard for high definition printing on corrugated; the world premier of a new mid-range, small footprint and high productivity Autoplaten die-cutter for corrugated board.

ASITRADE AG will provide live demos at their facilities in nearby Grenchen, Switzerland, for: Foliostar 165 sheet-to-sheet laminator, and the world premier of the next generation of in-line laminating with Power Aligner.

Converters interested in attending the Competence ’10 Open House should contact their Bobst sales representative, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call Bobst Group North America at 888-226-8800, ext. 5288.

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