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Maxson Sheeter Suited for Large-Format Digital Presses


WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. introduces a sheeter designed for extra-large-format digital printing presses. The sheeter, which can accept webs to 65 in. (1,651 mm) wide, can convert and stack sheets to 144 in. (3,657 mm) long. 

Equipped with dual-knife rotary technology, sheeter is able to cut multiple webs of paper or board, reportedly providing dust-free edges and ensuring high quality printability. Energy-conserving regenerative drive systems accurately and squarely produce sheet sizes to within ±0.015” (±0.381 mm) of desired cutoff.

The delivery system incorporates design features to convey long, lightweight sheets from the cutter to the stacker. Company says static-eliminating systems in combination with compressed air allows troublefree sheet flow at higher speeds. Despite the extended cut-off range, sheeter’s compact footprint and dependable operation are said to allow the machine to be tended by one person.

The stacking station, which creates press-ready piles, incorporates many of the same principles used in the delivery system to control the cut packet. Combining a “tapes-over-pile” design with the introduction of ionized air between each sheet permits jam-free, high-speed piling, company adds. Using the “pile offset” feature allows each pile to be centered on a pallet, to avoid the secondary operation of aerating and rejogging a pile on to another skid.

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