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Maxson Vacuum System for Sheeter Removes Slitter Dust


WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. offers a vacuum system for its sheeter that removes dust at the slitters, ensuring the cleanliness of sheeted stock and minimizing “hickies” at the printing press. Suction is applied at the point of slitting removing any debris from the slit edge. 

Sheet metal bonnets enclose all but the contact edge of the top slitter blade and bottom slitter ring. Flexible hosing from each slitter is joined to a common manifold that is piped to a blower and duct collection box. Company says the operator’s lateral positioning of the slitters and setting the depth penetration of the upper slitters is not impeded.

Reportedly, the slitter dust removal system is especially effective when converting high-bulk board substrates or multiple webs of coated papers, eliminating debris buildup caused by the slitting action.

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