Rex Packaging Adds KBA Press

DALLAS, TX | KBA North America announces that Rex Corp., a division of Cenveo Labels and Packaging and a subsidiary of Cenveo (CVO), a global provider of print and related resources with more than 60 facilities and more than 100,000 customers worldwide, is installing a new KBA Rapida 106 41-in. eight-color press with two coating units, UV drying capabilities, and a cold foil system at its flagship facility in Jacksonville, FL. Delivery is expected to take place the summer of 2013.

KBA Rapida 106 offset press

“Cenveo is focused on growth in the labels & packaging market,” says Michael Burton, president of the Labels and Packaging Div. “This press investment expands our high-end packaging capabilities and will increase our product offerings for existing clients as well as increase penetration into new vertical markets.”

“We applaud Cenveo for investing in this ‘step-change technology’ at its Rex Corp. location,” says Steve Korn, KBA director of national and key accounts. “This capital investment will help Cenveo Labels and Packaging reach their business growth goals in the high-end packaging market by differentiating themselves from their competition. It will, quite simply, provide a competitive edge in the marketplace for many years to come.”

The new KBA Rapida 106 41-in. eight-color press will be equipped with the latest technology and will increase Cenveo’s high-end packaging capabilities. Its special features include two coating units at the rear of the press, UV drying, VariDry Blue infrared/hot air drying system, a large wall screen at the press console, complete automation including KBA’s unique ErgoTronic and QualiTronic systems, a KBA board package, raised platform, and cold foil system.

“By purchasing our new KBA Rapida 106 press, we’re able to provide our clients with additional optionality for their packaging needs to allow them to differentiate their products from competitors,” says Bill Joca, general manager at Rex. “This press fits into our lean manufacturing philosophy and will allow us to deliver more products to our customers in a faster, more efficient method. It allows our company to continue its drive to a more market-driven, value-added strategy.”

The new Rapida 106 will provide Cenveo Labels and Packaging with an array of additional capabilities including an increased number of available color units, an inline cold foil system, and dual UV coating capabilities. Rex Corp. will be one of only a handful of printers in the Southeast with this unique set of printing resources, allowing them to respond to the growing highly decorative carton market.

Quickly responding to customers’ needs and to trends in the market is what makes Cenveo Labels and Packaging a leader in the industry. Their understanding of what their customers want, played a key role in their decision to purchase this particular press from KBA with its unique features. “Our customers are seeking to rebrand their products with creative new looks,” says Wendy Holmvik, senior VP of packaging sales and operations at Cenveo Labels and Packaging. Our customers want a high quality folding carton that will stand out from their competitors on the store shelf and catch the consumer’s eye. We foresee the Rapida 106 with its special printing effects, helping our customers packaging pop off the store shelf.”

Another key feature of Cenveo’s press is the its QualiTronic color-control and inspection system, a camera-based inline sheet-inspection system that scans each sheet and compares it with a reference sheet for copy and color validation. This feature is particularly valuable for the firm’s pharmaceutical and medical device customers whose packaging copy is critical to FDA compliance and patient safety.

Rex Corp. is clearly anticipating the installation of the new KBA press and believes that it will be a hit with its design community. “Designers will take full advantage of how many colors are available on the press, as well as all the specialty coating options this press offers.” says Melissa Bye, Rex Corp. account executive. “We’ll be working with our customers to explore all that the new press has to offer.”

“Our relationship with KBA over the past 25 years has been phenomenal and continues to be,” says D.J. Cabler, pressroom and graphics manager at Rex Corp. “This is our fourth KBA press installation since 2000, and they’ve been there every step of the way with us. We believe that this Rapida 106 is the next evolution in presses.”

Specializing in high-speed, quick turn folding carton work, Cenveo's Rex Corp. packaging plant is ideally suited to service a range of medium- to larger-sized customers. Rex's customer base is predominantly made up of clients in the food, tobacco, medical device, and health industries. Many of Rex’s clients are regulated by the FDA and therefore, print quality and accuracy are a critical component of the Rex solution.


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