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PPC To Honor Earth Day

SPRINGFIELD, MA | Through collaboration with the Paperboard Packing Council (PPC), the Arbor Day Foundation will once again provide discounted tree saplings to companies throughout the US and Canada, as a way to honor Earth Day on April 22, and National Paperboard Packaging Week, April 22-26, 2013.

PPC TICCIT programCompanies are encouraged to distribute the saplings free of charge to students, teachers, or even the local community, through the annual TICCIT program, an outreach and educational initiative geared towards elementary school children that highlights the renewability and sustainability of paperboard packaging and the enormous value of trees to our environment. As part of TICCIT (“Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees”), students are taught how to plant saplings in paperboard cartons. The children are then instructed on how to plant the saplings—and the biodegradable cartons—in local neighborhoods or in their backyards.

Once grown, the trees help restore flora that has been damaged by fire or disease; provide a natural and attractive way to cool homes, schools, or workplaces in the summer; and keep icy winds at bay in the winter.

“Because of PPC’s relationship with the Arbor Day Foundation, we’re able to provide schoolchildren with valuable recycling education and saplings to plant,” said Ben Markens, president of PPC. “Year after year, this remains our favorite event, as it gives us the opportunity to contribute to sustainable forestry and teach our communities about recyclability of paper.”

The Arbor Day Foundation is providing a variety of saplings suitable for different regions of the country for the discounted price of $1 each (50-tree minimum order). Any company interested in participating should place their orders at arborday.org/PPC no later than April 1.

For ideas on how to implement this unique educational program, anyone is welcome to download a free program guide that includes lesson plans, classroom questions, planting tips, fun facts, and sample forms at www.ppcnet.org/TICCIT.

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