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Change Boxes Easily

The “Dual” machine from Boix is a combination tray erector capable of making 3-pc Bliss style, P-84 style, and platform-style boxes on the same machine with only a simple and inexpensive tooling change, company says. Features include the ability to switch the machine quickly and inexpensively from Bliss 3-pc boxes to common footprint 1-pc, open-top trays. Top speed is 2,100/hr. Combination hot melt and cold glue is available as an option.

Board Is Smooth

Company has added Tango Advantage boardstocks to its Rapid-Roll portfolio. Products are said to deliver superior performance and esthetics with high brightness, clean white styling, and ultra-smooth print surface. Offered in 8- and 10-pt, C1S, and C2S versions.

Flexo Press Is Servo Driven

Multiflex line of servo driven/electronic line shaft flexo presses is designed for the North American folding carton and mid-to-wide web paper industries. Standard features include closed loop tension system, fault diagnosis, touchscreen control panel, production data monitoring, auto registration, and sleeved plate cylinders for quick change. Features Rockwell Automation's Integrated Architecture to facilitate modular programming and efficient operation. Widths range from 16-56 in.

Sheet Large-Format Materials

Sheeter designed for large-format printing presses can accept webs to 65 in. and can convert and stack sheets to 83 in. Equipped with dual-knife rotary technology, sheeter can cut multiple webs of paper or board, reportedly providing dust-free edges and ensuring high quality printability. Regenerative drive systems are said to conserve energy, and machine can be tended by one person.

Print Systems Are Flexible

DriveLine modular systems function as stand-alone solutions and can be employed independently of existing lines, e.g., for web printing with various substrates. Systems can print on board, labels, and films with a high degree of variability and quality. Maximum resolution of 720 dpi makes it possible to print web widths to 340 mm. Maximum print speed is 60 mpm.

Sheeter Aids Efficiency

The SHM 1650 DR (dual rotary) high-precision folio-size sheeter is equipped with an automatic splice and a high-speed automatic pallet change system. For board converting, the sheeter is available in working widths of 1,450 and 1,650 mm. Company reports sheeter allows for a maximum five-pocket operation and maximizing printer efficiency; delivers sheeted products as press-ready stacks; and the cut practically eliminates dust.

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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