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Sutherland Packaging Enjoys Growth Spurt

ANDOVER, NJ | Sutherland Packaging, a supplier of corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) displays and packaging for retail locations and club stores, saw a 30% year-over-year jump in business from 2016 to 2017, and the company expects the upward trend to continue well into 2018. Driven by a spike in demand, the growth directly led to some three dozen new employees, expanded operations that now entails three-shift, 24/7 production, and a multimillion-dollar infrastructure investment that will further broaden the company’s portfolio of printing capabilities. 

The company says it has gained market share thanks to its innovative direct printing technique, which circumvents the traditional practice of mounting a lithographic label over corrugated substrates. Said to be ideal for the retail consumer products sector and club store displays, this maximal impact, cost-effective, full-color technology enables customers to save on both material expenditures and shipping times.

Increasingly, however, Sutherland reportedly has become known for its versatile solutions and cutting-edge capabilities. In addition to direct-to-corrugated and more mainstream lithographic label printing, the company offers high-speed digital production with exacting color matching and has made steady headway into the burgeoning e-commerce sector with what it says is impactful, brand-bolstering shipper containers.

Equipment investments also have increased Sutherland’s one-pass, double-sided printing abilities.

“More and more customers are coming to appreciate the way our broad portfolio of print services lends itself to ultra-customized, hybrid solutions,“ says Tom Sutherland, president of Sutherland Packaging. “Considering all the variables attached to point-of-purchase displays, e-commerce packages, and other sales solutions, our ability to mix and match printing techniques—for example, by combining direct-to-corrugated with litho printing or conventional printing methods with digital—makes Sutherland a highly attractive partner.”

Adds Manny De Barros, sales manager for Sutherland Packaging, “At Sutherland Packaging we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring both a superior product and experience for our customers and hold true to our promise to remain innovative and aggressive in the pursuit of printing and packaging excellence.”

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