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Maxson Sheeter Suited for Abrasive Materials

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company offers a new specialty sheeter for use with abrasive materials such as emery paper, sand papers, or abrasive cloth. Said to allow sheeting with minimal knife wear. Technological advances include rPID change slitting cartridges, dual knife rotary cutter with clash adjustment, and a pin wheel delivery system that allows for high-speed operation of ream discharge. 

View of slitter cartridge on sheeter

Capable of speeds of more than 300 cuts/min on an 11-in. (279 mm) cutoff, the cutter can slit up to seven piles across the width of the sheeter using in-line slitting cartridges. The cartridges share a common steel base and are said to slide easily in or out of the production position on linear bearings and guides. In line, the slitters can slit high-bulk board, paper, or specialty grades. Off-line, the cartridge’s easy access layout, quick upper and lower knife changes, and precise width settings work without shutting down the sheeter.

The cutting section includes knives mounted in upper and lower rotating cylinders. Using the exclusive clash arrangement, the operator can safely adjust the cross cutting blades while the cutter is running, by transversely shifting the upper cylinder across the width of the cutter to increase clash. Quick lock knife adjustments are used across the upper and lower knife cylinders to allow rapid removal and installation of steel rule blades. With this design, knife changes are completed within 20 minutes.

The delivery and stacking system is designed for high-speed pack discharge of small-format sheet sizes. Sheets are fed into a rotating pin wheel assembly that delivers the clip onto the top of a pile below. A directional gate alters the sheet flow to a second stacking station while a conveyor discharges the completed packs off line.

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