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Maxson Sheeter Suited for Digital Sheet-Fed Presses

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company announces an MSP sheeter specifically designed for the digital sheet-fed printing presses. The sheeter, which can accept webs to 65 in. (1,651 mm) wide, can convert and stack sheets to 40 in. (1,016 mm) long. The sheeter configuration is in response to the printing press manufacturers’ trend of providing digital size sheets between 10 and 30 in. (254–762 mm).

Equipped with a quick-set up slitting rig, the sheeter is able to produce multiple piles across the width of the sheeter to maximize production while reducing run time. Energy-conserving drive systems accurately and squarely produce the smaller sheet sizes within ±0.015 in. (±0.381 mm) of the desired cutoff, reportedly eliminating the need to guillotine trim to a finished size.

The delivery system incorporates special design features to convey multiple streams of short, lightweight sheets from the cutter to the stacker. Company says innovative use of static-eliminating systems in combination with compressed air allows trouble-free sheet flow at higher speeds and adds that the sheeter’s compact footprint and dependable operation allow the machine to be tended by one person.

The stacking station, which creates press-ready piles, utilizes similar concepts used in the delivery system to control the cut packet. The automatic down feed system and vibratory jog ensures consistent stack quality without operator attention. Adjusting the jog box requires no hand tools and allows for complete size changes within 15 min.

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