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Polar-Mohr Cutter Uses a Laser

HOFHEIM, GERMANY | Polar-Mohr offers the Digicut Eco for cutting, grooving, perforating, and engraving of various materials using a laser. 

Company says customer benefits include the following:

  • Precise cutting of very delicate contours in a wide variety of materials
  • Engraving without leaving marks on the flip side
  • Economic production of print runs from 1 up to a few hundred copies
  • No tooling costs since processing is done by laser
  • Polar safety standard enabling GS-certification.

The machine is loaded through the transparent cover on the top. After lifting the cover, the material to be processed is manually positioned against the gauge and aligned. Via a four-line display, the operator selects the corresponding job and starts processing. The necessary adjustments for processing, such as the intensity and speed of the laser, are defined in advance through color specific settings in the printer driver. Once the Digicut has completed the job it gives a signal tone. The operator can manually take out the material by lifting the top cover.

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