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Green Bay Packaging Honored for Green Practices

GREEN BAY, WI | Green Bay Packaging (GBP) announces it was the recipient of the prestigious Green Masters distinction from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council for the seventh consecutive year. This award recognizes Green Bay Packaging’s dedication to sustainability initiatives and achievements throughout its operations while pursuing business excellence.

According to Tom Eggert, executive director of the WI Sustainable Business Council, "Green Bay Packaging is one of only two companies in Wisconsin that have maintained their master level status for seven years. Among all of the Wisconsin companies with deep commitments to the idea of sustainability, Green Bay Packaging stands out. They were one of our original master level companies, and they have maintained that status every year of the program. It is a pleasure to recognize them again in 2016."

The company says it embraces and integrates environmental stewardship in the production of corrugated shipping containers, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, pressure-sensitive label stock, and folding cartons as part of its Wisconsin operations.

"GBP is committed to sustainability practices in all aspects of our business,"says Bryan Hollenbach, executive VP of Green Bay Packaging. "We are honored to be recognized for our sustaining efforts and to be seen as a leader alongside other companies in Wisconsin that are focused on sustainability initiatives.”

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