DuPont Adds Cyrel Plate for Corrugated

WILMINGTON, DE | DuPont Advanced Printing reports the launch of the newest addition to the Cyrel EASY plate platform. Cyrel EASY EPC is a soft digital plate with a built-in flat top dot developed especially for the postprint corrugated printers.

“We’re excited to extend our Cyrel EASY plate portfolio to include Cyrel EASY EPC for corrugated trade shops and printers,” says Bob Hannum, corrugated segment manager–North America, DuPont Advanced Printing. “Customers are simplifying their plate making workflow and seeing improved print results, particularly, a reduction in fluting.”

Cyrel EASY EPC reportedly delivers the highest quality image reproduction while minimizing the fluting effect when printing on a wide variety of corrugated boards. Key features for corrugated printers are said to include the following:

  • Simplified workflow that results in higher consistency
  • Excellent ink transfer with superior printing uniformity
  • High exposure resolution that yields better quality reproduction
  • Less makeready time that improves press productivity.

“With DuPont Cyrel EASY EPC plates, we are seeing a simplified, seamless integration into our current plate room workflow and excellent print performance,” says Jack Fulton, VP, sales, Printron. Company says the plates simplify the prepress process with built-in flat top digital dots, resulting in increased productivity and consistency, reportedly part of an on-going effort to improve quality, sustainability, and productivity for flexographic printing.

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